What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketers are working as mediators, resellers online. They sell a product or service online and earn a commission from it. Commission that they earn can be money, free product, cheaper product (a coupon) for them or their community or a combination of them.

The goal of affiliate marketing is to establish a win-win business relationship. With affiliate marketing everyone will win: business owner makes more sales and the affiliate earns commission while the audience is happy to have found a great product or service thanks to the affiliate’s recommendation.

Affiliates are for example:
1. Individuals.
Influencers like bloggers, youtubers, instagrammers etc.
2. Business partners.
Businesses and organisations that share the audience with you.

Can it be useful for my business?

If you have an online product or service you want to sell more, then the answer is yes! And it’s risk-free for your business as you will pay the commission only after the sale is made for you!

Why should you work with Affiliate Marketing:

  • It is effective → people don´t watch ads anymore, but they do listen to what other people and experts say.
  • It is passive → Once setting it up can grow organically and exponentially (like with SafetyWing)
  • It is free → you can pay the Affiliates solely commission based. So you only pay for what you get.

But why just not to use ads?

There are many reasons:

  • Ad blindness, we don't pay attention.
  • Most of it is too salesy, bad content.
  • Having control over your business, not giving it to Google or FB algorithms.
  • Don't trust me, trust data and data says people do not like ads and therefore they really don't work.

See more from this video below:
Who even likes ads? (3.3min)

Are you sure affiliate marketing will work?

Yes, it’s proven. Tested and proven.
Here are some of the reasons why:
  • its word to mouth marketing through people we listen, trust, believe and admire.
    Not the salesy ads but genuine recommendations.
  • people we are crazy about the trends
  • we rather stick together, than stand out alone, we naturally prefer to follow each other.
Some impressive data from real life:

See more in the video here:
Why affiliate marketing works?


What can you achieve with affiliate marketing?

  • I was responsible for creating the Affiliate Program of SafetyWing, which helped the company grow 20% each month with 0$ ad spent.
  • We are reaching now 3 million USD revenue with driving traffic mainly with affiliate program and partnerships.
  • Today having 900+ affiliates and partners.
  • The biggest affiliate has made us 250k USD.
  • We are a strong trusted brand.
  • We have ambassadors, super fans.

See more what you can potentially achieve here:
Possibilities (4.42)


I have created tons of tools and ways for you to pick from!
  1. First I recommend taking my webinar, where you can see the introduction to affiliate marketing for businesses. With 90 minutes it gives a nice intro to the topic but also very practical steps to take and an overview how it all works!
    Link: https://enelinpaas.teachable.com/p/introduction-to-affiliate-marketing-for-businesses
  2. My e-course is full comprehensive guideline how to set up affiliate program for your business step by step. The course is around 6h long and has extra articles, templates and tools! It is for real everything you need for setting up an affiliate program for your business.
    Link: https://enelinpaas.teachable.com/p/business-growth-hacking-with-affiliate-marketing/
  3. If you have questions after the e-course that you would like to discuss with me, then here you can book a 30 min call with me:
  4. Yes, I could potentially help your business to set up the affiliate program. :) I do that occasionally depending on my schedule and your project. Drop me a line at [email protected]

Thanks for reading!

See more about affiliate marketing here: https://enelinpaas.teachable.com/