Tips that help to save time.

Pro tip- How to automate your work?

After I got, so to say my systems in place, then I quickly noticed that many things can be done much better and faster!

Here is a pro tip- after you know how things work, I highly recommend you to get a virtual assistant to do the simple repetitive actions for you. That helps you to speed up all the processes and and let you focus on the more important things.

How VA-s are helping me?


I believe that many virtual assistants are better in doing the research than me. They are faster and more motivated to do this work. For me and for other team members doing research would be demotivating, not interesting and simply an annoying task. VA can do it better and faster.

My VA is helping me to research leads and is adding them to my sales tool (Pipedrive) in an organised way and also she adds the valuable information like important notes, emails, names and titles etc. Everything that makes sense.


I often ask help from VAs with also outreach. I write the email templates and say for who to send what and simply VA does it. It saves me massive amount of hours! When the answer arrives, then I’ll take it from there and I answer the questions and negotiate the final deal etc.


Extra point: sales tool.

I have all the leads, potential influencer affiliates and also partners for comarketing very well organised in Pipedrive. If you are having a lot of leads for potential affiliates you want to reach out its impossible to handle all of that without a system. Pipedrive is a sales tools where you can organise all your leads in different pipelines, so you can really see what’s going on with all your partners.

This is an example of one pipeline. You can move the leads according to different stages in the pipeline. My stages are (in order) cold lead/warm lead- reached out- negotiating- need followup- agreement signed- effective. This helps me to be always on top of the things.

When they are in “reached out” and never move to “negotiation” that means we contacted them once but they never answered us. This means that after a week or two we need to followup! I would say max 3 times is OK to get in touch. My golden rule is first, then second time after one week, and third time after two weeks. If no answer, then I’ll mark the deal lost, because if you followup many times it looks bad, it’s spam.

Followups are something that also VA can help with and save your time!

Why VA is great?

  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Speeds up everything.
  • Keeps people more motivated as everyone can do what they are the best at.

Where yo find a VA?

  • My favorite place to find VAs is Upwork.
  • Make a business account and post a job post. Make sure to add high qualifications and have many extra questions so you will have only motivated applicants (otherwise you may end up with hundreds of applicants, if the job post is too loose, too easy to apply with low requirements). I recommend to have at least 90% job success, rising talent and 5 extra questions next to the motivation letter.

Do you need a sales tool/software like Pipedrive?

  • Yes, IF you want to have more partnerships outside your affiliate program for example do some comarketing with some people or companies without them being an affiliate. Comarketing I mean both sides would share valuable information about themselves for each others audience, win-win. Then you need to organise the leads, gather them somewhere and be able to understand how far are you with negotiations per lead.
  • If you don’t have them too many, then a simple excel file works well also!

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