by Enelin Paas

Affiliate Marketing for Business FAQ.

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketers are working as mediators, resellers online. They sell a product or service online and earn a commission from it. Commission that they earn can be money, free product, cheaper product (a coupon) for them or their community or a combination of...


How to create an Affiliate Program for your business?

GROW YOUR BUSINESS ORGANICALLY IN 5 EASY STEPS! Hi, I’m Enelin Paas, a strategic marketer, online teacher and a speaker. I’m the Head of Business Development at SafetyWing — a Y-Combinator company in Silicon Valley building a global social safety net. Through affiliate marketing I have been...


4 Lessons on Affiliate Marketing from Shopify

4 Lessons on Affiliate Marketing from Shopify Shopify is the biggest e-commerce platform in the world with a market capitalisation of 121 billion (YCharts, 2020). Especially in recent years Shopify exploded, with more and more people starting side hustles and getting into e-commerce or...