In this 1.5h long webinar you will learn:

  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • How it can grow your online business?
  • Why affiliate marketing is better than ads?
  • Why affiliate marketing works?

💡 We go through practical steps to set up affiliate program for your business: 💡

  • Step 1: researching your audience and finding affiliates, partners.
  • Step 2: analyzing and filtering the best partners who will make sales for you.
  • Step 3: setting up the system.
  • Step 4: managing and growing the affiliate program.

Hey there!

I helped to grow a Silicon Valley Startup 20% every month since its launch in February 2018. As today this represents a value of more than 3 million USD - reached solely through partnerships and affiliate marketing. And now I will teach you how to do the same!

This webinar helps everyone who has a business online, selling a service or a product online. We go over the main key elements you need to know how to grow an online business organically through affiliate marketing and partnerships.

You will learn tips & tricks to get the right affiliates to sell your product/service online for commission only. This webinar is a full intro that helps you to get started with affiliate/influencer marketing.

Cheers, Enelin

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